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Places to stay in Aberdeen – 21 February 2015

When the ‘quine’ wobbled through reception at 5.00pm, belly hanging out over her pyjama bottoms, leather bomber jacket, no shoes, trailing a toilet roll, I sensed this was going to be a little different from my normal night in a Travelodge.

Travelodge - 21 February 2015The next morning, checking out, I mentioned to reception that I couldn’t hear the rowdy night in the street outside for the party going on in the corridor. “Aberdeen at the weekend sir, I can only apologise.”

We spent the day recovering in a beautiful, if unfinished, family house on a farm.

bull pen - 22 February 2015“Which way’s the countryside?” said Innes (he’s a city boy, like me) so we went for a walk to show him.

BA- 23 February 2015The next day was back to normal life between London and Edinburgh.


Hospitality – 8 April 2014

The management of our Build-to-Rent projects will have more to do with the hospitality sector than the housing sector.  We don’t want American ‘have an awesome day’ insincerity and we don’t want the tired atmosphere characterised by a solitary bar man slowly cleaning a glass and waiting for something (anything) to happen.

Citizen M 8 April 2014So I’m paying more attention to the places I like being in. Citizen M do it all well: the design, the hospitality, the buzz. No one stays here for long though. Let Me Eat 11 April 2014Round the corner in Let Me Eat, it’s the same faces every day. What could you do with that?