Bananas – 15 December 2014

Bananas:Bananas 141214I dislike the colour, the smell, the texture, the taste, the shape and the word. Everyone else seems to like them though, so I accept them and we live in peace.

Isla and Innes - 13 December 2014

Isla and …

Jennies 21st 15 December 2014…my mum, telling us how it is.

Innes 141214Innes listening, or maybe thinking about something else. He loves bananas.

The Chatham House Rule – 9 December 2014

In a meeting, under the Chatham House Rule. I think people use this definition fairly loosely, so I Iooked it up:

When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

chatham house rulesTherefore, I’ve removed all the names and you’re unlikely to guess them from the likenesses.

champagne - 141211There’s a bottle of champagne in my next meeting, it’s that time of year.

Talking About Sketching – 5 December 2014

A girl on the train back from Glasgow at 8.30pm on a Friday night.

Train from Glasgow - 5 December 2014Andrew Gillespie of the A@131 society had been kind enough to ask me along to talk about sketching to Strathclyde University students.  I studied at Strathclyde so was keen to go back and they put some effort into advertising it, so it was well attended.


I hadn’t talked about my drawings before and enjoyed it a lot. It’s good spend a little time thinking about what you are trying to do, after all.

La Marzocco - 3 December 2014

Earlier in the week, after a late Christmas do, I spent some time looking at a coffee machine: modern on the inside, classic with a hint of modern on the outside. In the design world, from suits to buildings, that’s a popular mix.

Innes - 30 November 2014Innes and I missing the outing to the Singing Kettle. He’s on the sofa, ill, and he can’t get comfy.

The boys – 23 November 2014

Innes & Fraser asleep after an afternoon in Fife.Fraser & Innes 23 November 2014

Fraser reading.

Fraser - 23 November 2014

V&A – 25 November 2014

Round the Constable exhibition at the V&A with the Our Enterprise team after hearing from Sandy Richardson about the new V&A in Dundee.

V&A - 25 November 2014

No sketching allowed, no explanation given.

Brunswick & Citizen M 25 November 2014Sketching at the Brunswick Centre. I was going slowly so later filled the page with scenes from the Citizen M lobby, still busy around midnight.

Citizen M 26 November 2014

Good foyer spaces, small but well designed bedrooms.

Giraffe - 25 November 2014

Watching people eating, at Kings Cross. Do you take the food to your mouth or your mouth to the food?


Heisker – 16 November 2014

Heisker is a wee island off North Uist, and a new face at Gran’s for lunch.

Heisker - 16 November 2014Before that, reading some funny French words.

reading - 16 November 2014

Leeds Town Hall – 10 November 2014

On the left, Leeds Town Hall designed by Cuthbert Brodrick in the 1850’s.

Leeds - 10 November 2014On the right, consultants selling their design skills in 2014. It’s interesting to hear their pitch. I want to know what they’ll do that will make our project better. Over the course of the day, only a couple of people are clear on that.

Some Performers – 5 November 2014

First, on the left a kind of calibration setting: Alistair Darling, on his way to London, after announcing he’ll stand down at the next election. His likeness gives you an idea of how much/ little the other folk I draw look like themselves. He was nice enough to not object to my drawing him.

foxley - darling -4 November 2014In the middle is our Richard Foxley reminding HTA London about the importance of post occupancy evaluation. How are you going to know what to design next if you don’t know what people really thought, and felt, about what you designed last time?

BPF-Dinner 5 November 2014At the BPF dinner in London listening to Sir Howard Davies and an exuberant gospel choir.

KM_C454e-20141104202723Halloween Fraser.

SPF Dinner – 30 October 2014

Listening to Brian Taylor’s insights into the consequences of a narrow No vote in the referendum. It’s fairly sober stuff. In a minute ex referee Willie Young will warm us up with a few jokes.

SPF Dinner with Grosvenor - 30 October 2014 aWith Grosvenor, at the SPF Dinner in Edinburgh.

London, Pumpkin, Derby – 27 October 2013

Scots on tour in  London stopping for lunch at Grosvenor’s Neo Bankside

Albion - 22 October 2014

Innes’s third birthday: a Halloween theme.

pumpkin - 27 October 2014

In Derby thinking: ‘When you think about Derby, what do you think?”Moreledge Derby - 29 October

Feilden Clegg Bradley, Pugin, Sir Hugh Casson, Smiths of Derby? None of that: Rolls Royce, Bass’s beer, trains, the industrial revolution and Bonnie Prince Charlie.