Good Stories – Part One – 30 April 2015

You meet more interesting people on the train.

Ted Bullock - 30-3-15This is 90 year old war veteran Ted Bullock who lit up our journey between York & Berwick.

With youthful energy he told us about building landing strips for Spitfires on Gold Beach after the Normandy landings. He’ll have told the stories before, obviously, but the way he told them made them sound fresh and gripping, none more so than his recollections of listening to Churchill’s ‘We will fight them on the beaches’ speech in a bombed out West Ham. Too young, but filled with hate, he signed up and went to war.

He got off at Berwick, his new home. It all sounds serious but he was mostly a man for joke filled tales of adventures and scrapes. A pleasure and privilege to have met him.


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    Jon Skelly August 6, 2019

    This is my good friend Ted.
    Sadly he passed away towards the end of 2016 but his stories and memory will live on.

    He really was a top bloke and is sorely missed, he used to love going out in my jeep.
    Really decent of you to take the time to do a drawing of him.


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    Sarah Thurlbeck (Wood) April 4, 2015

    Enjoyed reading this and love seeing your drawings Sandy.

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      Sandy April 4, 2015

      Sarah, thanks, very kind of you. Sandy

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    Sandy April 4, 2015

    with the added benefit that you could bring the bike…

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    m4mortensen April 3, 2015

    Will have to try the train more Sandy!

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