sketch diary, sandyJust before my youngest son Innes was born I started keeping a sketch book. I’ve always loved drawing but with a fairly busy life there isn’t much time for it. The sketch book is a way to fit drawing into daily life.

I update the blog with the new ones as I go.

Alongside drawing and trying to be ‘dad’, I’m an architect.




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    Erica January 11, 2018

    Your drawings are lovely and I appreciate how you capture fleeting gestures. The addition of watercolor add even more interest to your studies. Do you always work with a pen and later watercolor? Thank you for sharing.

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      Sandy January 14, 2018

      Erica, thanks for popping by, send me a link to your own work. My challenge for 2018 is to do the watercolour at the same time I think…

Any thoughts?