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Andrew Heiton Junior – 16 October 2014

Andrew Heiton Junior  was a good architect at a good time to be an architect. He built churches, houses, schools, hotels, clubs and other public buildings around Perth, helping the city build it’s late nineteenth century legacy.

Advanced Department - 16 October 2014We are converting his Caledonian Road School.  I’m becoming a fan of the palette of stonework details he used across his projects.This is the recessed entrance to the Advanced Department. It’s crumbling a bit, but we’ll fix it up.

derby workshop -13 October 2014I went down to Derby for a lively workshop on the future of the city…  Big Issue Seller - 16 October 2014… and watched this guy for a bit before getting on the train.


Cale Road School – 6 June 2013

A sunny day in Perth reviewing where we’ve got to and looking at what still needs done.Caledonian School 7 June 2013 We’re converting Caledonian Road School for Caledonia Housing Association, a good match if ever there was one. Needs an art gallery in the lofty central space though. This space has interlocking stairs so that the boys, who came in from the south, need never encounter the girls, who came in from the north. There used to be a fence down the middle of the playground  to complete the segregation.