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Uncle Ed’s Chair 29 January 2014

This is Uncle Ed’s Chair. Uncle Ed was born in 1908, so he was probably sitting in it about a century ago.

Uncle Eds Chair 29 January 2014He was my Gran’s little brother. As we’re the folk left in the family with kids who fit it, we’ve inherited it. I like how the seat’s all scratched and the arms are shiny, a reminder of all the abuse it’s taken in the last 100 years.Watching TV 26 January 2014Ours prefer sitting on tables or on the floor. Perhaps it’s unfamiliar.Morning 25 January 2014I like that it’s useful and practical, and gives a physical connection to the past. It’s not the only connection: the watercolours that the sketches are done with belonged to my Gran. It’s nice that they’ve lasted.SKMBT_C28412111215570

Harry Bertoia’s Diamond Lounge Chair

Harry Bertoia’s superbly elegant Diamond Lounge Chair. More comfy than it looks.

Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair 13-01-29This is how Fraser often sits, same as his mum does:

Fraser Sitting 130129