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Christmas 2015

In reverse:

Daddys Birthday - 3 January 2015

The last event of the break, my dad’s 88th birthday.

prowe band - 1 January 2016

New years day, a brass band in the livingroom.

Andreas - 1 January 2015

AndreasAngus - 29 December 2015

Angus visited from France.

QAHS Reunion - 27 December 2015

Catching up with old school pals in Dunfermline. The same as we were, a little more tired but a little better at communication.

christmas 2016

Innes hid behind the sofa for the Queen’s speech.


Fun Box - 23 December 2015

Fun box was fun.


plane alone - 22 December 2015

The only person on a plane to London City the week before Christmas.

Actually these are the things I did in between riding the bike and painting portraits, in preparation for cycling from London to Cannes in March. I’ll show you the portraits next time.


My new house – 27 October 2015

In amongst the boxes, waiting for the removal men to turn up and take us out of Fettes Rise. “Will we take the windows?” asked Innes.

moving out - 22 October 2015We have more stuff than I had imagined and, five days later, it’s largely unpacked and I have a new view from the sofa.

moving in - 27 Otcober 2015Here’s the place we left behind.julie in fettes - 27 September 2015 In a world of laptops and wifi most of the stuff is redundant, but we took it anyway. Unpacking the boxes helps make the new place feel like home. tilda1 - 30 October 2015

Sketching interesting people on the train.


The boys – 23 November 2014

Innes & Fraser asleep after an afternoon in Fife.Fraser & Innes 23 November 2014

Fraser reading.

Fraser - 23 November 2014

Heisker – 16 November 2014

Heisker is a wee island off North Uist, and a new face at Gran’s for lunch.

Heisker - 16 November 2014Before that, reading some funny French words.

reading - 16 November 2014

3 Places – 8 August 2014

A week in London, and 3 nice places to spend some time

1.  London’s public space has had a makeover since I lived there.

innes 7 August 2014The focus is kids and the device that gets them active is fountains you can play in. People used to point to Spain to show how kids playing could be a welcome part of civic space, but London does it too now. This one is Princess Diana’s memorial, swishest of the five we came across on our travels.

2. Ben’s shed. I spent some time looking at it and thinking about spaces to be creative in (with some help from the White Stripes*).

bens shed 8 August 2014

This might be what Ben would describes as ‘rus in  urbe’

julie and eames chair 4 August 2014

3. Eames lounge chair 670. You need somewhere cosy to relax after a day in central London with three under fives.



North Uist Part Three : Who was there – 1 July 2014

These are the people who turned up and made it a memorable week. With the usual apologies for unintended insults!peter

Why we are all here: Seoc’s grandson, Peter Keith Morrison, my dad.

ruari and mairiRuari and Mary Morrison, my mum.

jane and julieJane & Julie

catrionaCatriona (sort of)

flora and alastairFlora and Alastair

david and marcMarc and David


jenny and calumJennifer and Calum

douglas and elizabethDouglas and Elizabeth




Andreas and InnesAndreas and Innes.

As it happens, my kids got them all, except Elizabeth (Rachel) and Catriona (confused looks, no guesses).


Cars & Girls – 1 June 2014

Mini, Volvo, Porsche. Parked in Covent Garden.KM_C454e-20140603105342Mum & Isla. On a Sunday afternoon at Craigcrook Road.Mum Isla 1 June 2014


Edinburgh Castle- 26 May 2014

Edinburgh Castle: a painful place to visit the day after you’ve run the Edinburgh half marathon. The half marathon route is down hill, and you feel that in your calf muscles on the countless castle steps.

Edinburgh Castle

Below is the Edinburgh 10 mile four weeks before. It had a much better route through the middle of town, starting and ending in the same place. The finish is overlooking Holyrood House, where the royals went when they realised the houses being built in the new town had better rooms than their old home in the castle.

Running 27 AprilLot’s of exercise in the last few weeks and I’ve learnt that a strict rule of running is that the ladies wear lycra and the  boys don’t. Perhaps cycling could learn from that.fraser 10 May 2014Fraser feeling better.

Douglas fundraising for Sport Relief 23 March 2014

Douglas Morrison 23 March 2014Well done to nephew Douglas for raising over £100 for Sport Relief. I ran alongside, kept up until the last 200m… He’s younger than he looks (here). The fundraising page (to be updated) is:

Thanks for any further contributions.

Uncle Ed’s Chair 29 January 2014

This is Uncle Ed’s Chair. Uncle Ed was born in 1908, so he was probably sitting in it about a century ago.

Uncle Eds Chair 29 January 2014He was my Gran’s little brother. As we’re the folk left in the family with kids who fit it, we’ve inherited it. I like how the seat’s all scratched and the arms are shiny, a reminder of all the abuse it’s taken in the last 100 years.Watching TV 26 January 2014Ours prefer sitting on tables or on the floor. Perhaps it’s unfamiliar.Morning 25 January 2014I like that it’s useful and practical, and gives a physical connection to the past. It’s not the only connection: the watercolours that the sketches are done with belonged to my Gran. It’s nice that they’ve lasted.SKMBT_C28412111215570