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Planning Ahead – February 2017

A day by Tower Bridge, business planning.

170203 PartnersIt’s an awayday, so there are some ‘Post It’ notes on the wall and someone’s armed with a whiteboard marker.

But how do you decide what you want to do?

170208 - MetroConsult the Metro?

170221 - SupurbiaListen to ‘thought leaders’…

170207 - HTA Talksand wise heads with a life time of experience to pass on.

170213 - albert dock

Visit stimulating places,

170213 - whapping docklike Liverpool’s Albert Dock.

17161217 Train after partyChat it through with your colleagues…
170228 Coffee… and reflect over coffee.

Saltaire – 1 September 2014

Work’s an activity not a place: in Saltaire, Titus Salt’s model worker village of the 19th century.

Saltaire - 4 September 2014There’s plenty of inspiration to be had here but me and Richard Foxley are 15 cycling miles from our meeting and looking for some conclusions.

We’ll come back.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic 20 June 2014

Big Ted  and I on a Saturday night with the beers out and the football on. We don’t normally do this, but Julie’s in London for three days so the place is ours.

big ted 20 June 2014Yesterday Innes and I took Big Ted to Innes’s playgroup Teddy Bear’s picnic: 40 mums, 1 dad. The mums were keen to know the details of how J had left me looking after three under fives for three days. I kept quiet, aware they were only gathering evidence for use in their own time-off negotiations.

Man on ladder 23 June 2014We all survived and I recovered by watching a man changing some light bulbs in a café. It made me think of independence which is a common topic of conversation in Scotland and pretty much the only one when I’m in England.

Hospitality – 8 April 2014

The management of our Build-to-Rent projects will have more to do with the hospitality sector than the housing sector.  We don’t want American ‘have an awesome day’ insincerity and we don’t want the tired atmosphere characterised by a solitary bar man slowly cleaning a glass and waiting for something (anything) to happen.

Citizen M 8 April 2014So I’m paying more attention to the places I like being in. Citizen M do it all well: the design, the hospitality, the buzz. No one stays here for long though. Let Me Eat 11 April 2014Round the corner in Let Me Eat, it’s the same faces every day. What could you do with that?

Same folk, different jobs 10 January 2014

Loudons 10 January 2013Edinburgh’s cafes survived the recession I think. They’ve got the same people in them talking about the same stuff, they’ve just survived in different ways and ended up in different jobs.

PLT 9 January 2014Coming back to work after two weeks off, my colleagues look like Dracula.

Dunc & Sonia and Castleward on the BBC 30 May 2013

A meal out with Julie, Sarah, Sonia and Dunc (he’s the one on the right) at Porto and Fi on the mound. The little courtyard on the west side is about the nicest place in Edinburgh for a drink on summer evening. Food was good for four out of the five of us.
McKinnons at Porto and Fi 30 May 2013I’d started the day in Derby for the start on site ceremony for our Castleward project. This was filmed by the local BBC, who turned up a bit late, so we did the event twice. Surprisingly (in my view) the 3 speeches were better the second time.

Castleward Start on Site 30 May 2013

The local news report:


Fix on Whitecross Street 27/02/13

"whitecross street" "fix cafe"We lived on Whitecross Street until 2007. It’s changed lot’s since then. This was a pub I never went into: too scared. Kev & Pam went in one night and someone was chucking darts randomly around the bar. Now it’s a coffee shop where I stopped for breakfast.

In Vapiano, Southwark 18/02/13

A pretty disappointing meal out in Southwark.vapiano, "cafe sketch"

Pleased it’s February 05/02/13

ravenous, new town, edinburgh

17/01/11 What makes a nice place to sit?

We are working with an artist to make some chairs to welcome people back to a place they haven’t lived for a while. As part of this, I’ve been thinking about and looking at what makes a nice place to sit.130117Razzo in St Andrew’s Square.

"New Town Deli", "Broughton Street"A window with an interesting view.