Dunc & Sonia and Castleward on the BBC 30 May 2013

A meal out with Julie, Sarah, Sonia and Dunc (he’s the one on the right) at Porto and Fi on the mound. The little courtyard on the west side is about the nicest place in Edinburgh for a drink on summer evening. Food was good for four out of the five of us.
McKinnons at Porto and Fi 30 May 2013I’d started the day in Derby for the start on site ceremony for our Castleward project. This was filmed by the local BBC, who turned up a bit late, so we did the event twice. Surprisingly (in my view) the 3 speeches were better the second time.

Castleward Start on Site 30 May 2013

The local news report: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2sb8lfy95ihyhbd/bbc%201%20east%20midlands%20%2030.05.1338.wmv


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