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Not Working – January 2014

Most sketching opportunities are work related: there’s not much time otherwise. Here are a few that aren’t:

Scott & Dougal 21 January 2014A couple of pints with Scott and Dougal. I’ve been enjoying Scott’s insightful view of the world for the last 36 years and it still takes me by surprise.

Julie & Isla  2 January 2014Isla and Julie at Gran & Grumpy’s

Milk 4 January 2014Home

Hanging on for Christmas 2013

Everything changes in the week before Christmas: travel is less predictable, work is what happens between nights out, there’s loads to finish and there are things to reflect on. Santa at Edi AirportSanta was in the departure lounge when my plane was on time… …nobody quite so interesting when it was delayed, in Bristol.

Bristol Airport

We won a couple of cracking jobs in the last week, setting us up nicely for next year, and adding an extra level of excitement to the Christmas party. HTA Party 2013We need to learn from those we know who are doing things well around us, like Argent at Kings Cross. They work hard to keep the place busy and bustling whilst construction is going on all around. Kings cross in winterA few of the buildings are really attractive too. This has different proportions to most office structures you see, and attractive cast columns.

JYS Tyrell 003It’s all really busy, but if you want to spin your talents into a successful business career you could do worse than look to Jackie Stewart for inspiration. This is his Tyrell 003, in which he won the Formula One World Championship 40 years ago this year.Whats next wiith Alison and sandyThen Alison, a few days past her due date, came round and we talked about far more important events all together.

Fraser & Isla 15 December 2013

Short days in mid December mean more time in. I’ve never watched a whole film with Isla before, so we watched Beauty & the Beast from the comfort of the couch. Fraser & Isla 15 December 2013She used a cushion for help with the scary bits, I just concentrated on the Christmas tree and accepted that I can’t make ‘Beauty’ a beauty, which might be some consolation for the (actually quite handsome) Fraser.

Folk – 2 December 2013

James Lord at the Whisky Society (after the Dome and the Dogs). Tomorrow we will be talking about the future but for now we aren’t thinking too far ahead.KMBT_C284-20131205142515Innes getting into a proper seat.KMBT_C284-20131205142623

CBeebies does Gender Bias 18 October 2013

Innes 18 October 2013Sketching the kids over the course of an October holiday. CBeebies is on and Fraser & Innes are mucking about and not paying much attention. Fraser 18 October 2013Isla’s watching closely. She’s wondering where the women are. As far as I can see, over 80% of the TV shows have lead characters who are male. Why’s that?Isla 18 October 2013So we put on the Jungle Book, which didn’t really help.SKMBT_C28413102209121

Uncles – 22 September 2013

Keith and Marc sleeping on the couch after Sunday lunch, as they tend to do.SKMBT_C28413092508580fraser dancing 21 september 2013Sandy spinning Fraser. David to follow.

Kid’s Stuff – August 2013

I got mixed up with a kids party for the first time in a while. lachlan & Tommy 17 August 201340 years on, things have changed.

innes watching TV 31 August 2013Innes watching a bit of TV.F&I August 2013F&I waiting to go swimming.

Nina 24 August 2013We all went to Nina and the Neurons at the festival in the BBC’s adaptable (pub/ children’s crèche) venue.

Eastwood House, Dunkeld. 27 July – 3 August

A privilege to stay at Eastwood House, Dunkeld for a week. It was the shooting lodge for Blair Castle, and is strung out along a river bank looking south over the Tay.

Eastwood 01-08-13We spent a week playing by the river and enjoying local tourist attractions from Osprey watching (I missed the highlight as I was trying to stop Innes singing in the bird hide: bad form apparently) to the Perth Show.

The house has been superbly, sensitively, renovated by Alex and Cat.

Everything is beautifully chosen, whether it’s colour, art, or the degree of renovation. A small example is the chairs, so I drew a simple one every day.

Eastwood Chairs 01-08-13 no textThe house is also where Beatrix Potter wrote an illustrated letter about a little rabbit, and this was the basis of her subsequent books about Peter Rabbit and others. She could draw a bit and had a scientific mind, so a different career may have lain before her had she not been a woman. Science’s loss, illustrated children’s story’s gain.

She said: “It’s all the same, drawing, painting, modelling, the irresistible desire to copy any beautiful object that strikes the eye…”

Eastwood 30-07-13She wrote the letter in 1893. 120 years later, we occupied the same spaces she had, and passed a very pleasant family holiday.

Some people: 13 July – 6 July

13 July. Innes sleeping and showing the characteristics of a small boy this particular Scottish summer: rosy cheeks despite the factor fifty; shorts and scraped knees; sandals.

Innes in the car - c'moan Andy 13 July 2013

9 July. Rawden Pettitt gave a presentation on the refined work of Stanton Williams.

Tuesday Talks - Rawden Pettitt 9 July 20136 July. Innes with a big bruise from climbing out of his cot and landing on his head. By the end of the next day he could say ‘Andy Murray’ and he didn’t have a cot any more.

Innes 6 July 2013


Highland Show 22 June 2013

Looking at tractors and animals at the Highland Show.SKMBT_C28413062715241