Ash Gupta and brave designers 14 August 2013

SKMBT_C28413081512360The original mini weighed 617kgs, the new one weighs 1510kgs. Lighter cars perform better so that’s fifty years of car industry design development heading in the wrong direction. I met Ash on the train and we talked about designers who are brave enough to imagine how technology can change the way we live, for the better.

Disruptive technology is what the digital camera was to the film camera, and what the electric car might be to the internal combustion engine. Ash now markets disruptive technology:

He is now part of the launch of BMW’s electric ‘i3’, getting the car industry back on track perhaps. Antonio Sant’elia would be proud.




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    KnitNell August 16, 2013

    Lovely sketch and interesting Post – you managed to say so much with so few words! Wish I could manage that. chrs KN

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      Sandy August 19, 2013

      Chris, thanks for taking the time to comment. There’s lots more to be said about how we use design, I think.

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