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Looking for the Brunswick Centre 15 May 2013

I went out on a pleasant London evening to draw Patrick Hodgkinson’s inspiring Brunswick Centre, but ended up in the Marquis Cornwallis where there wasn’t much of a view of the building. I’ll go back some time when it’s less busy and I can get a seat in the window.Looking for the Brunswick Centre 15 May 2013 I’m told it’s made of brick, and that that was the end of Hodgkinson, but from looking at it I can’t believe it’s true…

Was that the summer 23/04/13?

“Ahhh Riche Monde” as Lucca used to say. He was right you know, it’s very pleasant down there. Tea by the Thames, on a lovely sunny London evening, outside the White Cross pub.Pimms 130423

Plane, train, pub 18/03/13

edinburgh airport, baggageEvening travel to London pub by plane then train. Edinburgh airport is a lot nicer when it’s not first thing in the morning (security staff are much more friendly). Kings Cross pub below is a surprising mix of tourists staying in local cheap hotels with names you’ve heard of to wasted old folk staying in cheap local places you haven’ pub and train sketch

21/01/13 Camino near Kings Cross

@CaminoLondon, "cafe sketch", "London Sketch"A nice place to eat late near Kings Cross. A true sign that the regen is working?

17/12/12 The Victoria Inn, Derby

Victoria Inn, Derby