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Bikes, Pavillions, Australians – 7 September 2014

Cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh with nephews Douglas, Andreas and Ruari.

fresh n lo 1 - 7 September 2014

The route to Glasgow Green goes through the east end, ‘festooned’ you might say, with ‘Yes’ signs. The ‘No’ campaign reaping the rewards of running with threats, rather than any attempt at ‘Better Together’.

fresh n lo 2 - 7 September 2014

There are enough cake stops on this route that you could actually put on weight over the distance: this one at Linlithgow Palace.

In London admiring pavilions in public spaces, the modern bandstand? This one by Stanton Williams at Kings Cross.

kings cross pavillion 8 September 2014


Dace and Leesha, Aussies touring Europe with interesting views on independence, the strength of beer and running a business.dace and leesha 8 September 2014

Sorry about the portraits!