Ride London – 3 August 2015

With HTA Rouleurs on Ride London. 100 miles from London, through the Surrey Hills, finishing on the Mall. It was all fun, but never more exciting than flat out down closed London dual carriageways applauded by residents whose normal experience is the noise from smoggy congestion but today was the Velominati and the quiet thrum of skinny tyres on tarmac.

There was no time for sketching on the day so here’s my hat, drawn a little nervously the night before. helmet - 150801

11 of the 12 in our team finished. Richard Foxley crashed and spent the morning in an ambulance. He’s got a good story to tell, but not the one he wanted. karen & richard - 1 August 2015I love London in the evening after a warm summer’s day. Sitting on the warm pavement outside our flat I drew the Duke of Uke, reflecting on getting a little fitter, raising a load of money and having a brilliant experience (and the role of niche shops…).

duke of uke - 150815

Thanks to all who helped us do it, for all the donations and contributions.

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