Boats, trains, boys – 12 April 2015

Admiring the Britannia on the last day of the Easter holiday. britania 12 april 2015It’s an interesting tour: a glimpse into a world where hierarchy must be emphasised in everything from crockery to wall panelling to drink, otherwise the illusion might slip.

We’d spent some time in York, having fun and looking at trains.

br class 31 - 09 april 2015fraser - 090415This might look like boys activities, but we all enjoyed it. stockbridge arts club - 31 march 2015Back home, the Stockbridge Arts Club had it’s first meeting. It’s a foil to our partner’s “Book Group” and might take a little while to find it’s core purpose…

dundee station - 03 april 2015Waiting for a train in Dundee, thinking about what the new station might be.

Cheshire street draftSomething we looked at earlier this year in London, but didn’t get.



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    Cheryl April 14, 2015

    Oh no! Where did the ugly big train station go?? Is Dundee so changed now?

    • Reply
      Sandy April 15, 2015

      Well, you say ugly. Train station, 60’s office tower, fly overs, swimming pool & ugly hotel… all gone. A new road layout every week or so.

      • Reply
        Cheryl April 15, 2015

        It reminded me of plastic food packaging but I was fond of it. I was fond of all those Dundee landmarks 🙁 It was part of my wee uni life *sigh*

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