Tribesmen & guerrilla gardening – 22 May 2014

The tribesmen were off to Birmingham, I was waiting for the sleeper to Edinburgh.

euston 21 May 2014The “sleeper” enables late nights in London followed by breakfast at home with the kids. It’s not much good for sleeping though.

Sleeper 22 May 2014

I’d been to Kings Cross with Argent and HTA’s well attended sketch club:

Kings Cross 20 May 2014

…and met some folk guerrilla gardening in a social enterprise polytunnel:

community garden 15  May 2014

By the time I did get home, Fraser was a little under the weather.

sick fraser 23 May 2014


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    Clare May 26, 2014

    I just love your sketches! Must be great to be able to look back through them and remember where you were and what you were thinking at the time of drawing. I always find that if I’m watching TV while sketching, the programme comes back to me when I look back at the sketch!

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      Sandy May 27, 2014

      Clare, thanks for stopping by. They are great memory joggers: what the weather was like, who I spoke to, whether i was happy/ stressed/ excited or whatever. I’m pleased to see your own work seems to be moving along nicely!

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