Kings Cross with Louis Vuitton 9 April 2014

Sitting on the spacious terrace of Louis Vuitton’s fifth floor office space in One Pancras Square. I’ll go again when there are a few people on it. Everyone I met was French, so maybe it’s a little inclement just now.Louis Vuitton 9 April 2014I’ve enjoyed watching it going up. The columns are the striking thing about it, but it’s had an unusual quality since before they were added around the concrete frame behind. Whilst on the terrace, I didn’t have the time (or the courage) to draw them but I went back later for a closer look at one. It’s a Chipperfield design, the columns are from Hargreaves Foundry.


Kings cross in winter

December 2013

Hargreaves Foundry 28 August 2013

August 2013

kings cross 6 june 2013

June 2013

Kings Cross Construction

March 2013

SKMBT_C28412120318050November 2012

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    Lis Watkins April 11, 2014

    Really lovely series of drawings.

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