HTA Design LLP is One 4 April 2014

It’s more fun on the train when you bring the family. We all went to London to help celebrate HTA’s first birthday. The bairns got a first experience of family holidays in big cities: traipsing around, sore feet, trying to find somewhere cheap enough that we could have a meal each…

on the train 4 april 2014We visited a house with a hole in it.

portal 6 april 2014It’s a nice enough house characterised by fantastic vibrant colours, but we’re drawing up plans for it’s demolition.

JFI - 5 April 2014Innes isn’t here, he’s looking for the funny man.


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    Roger Hannon April 10, 2014

    Hi Sandy
    I’ve been waiting for the sketch of my my wife Sue and son, Will on the train in first class when we all met recently!
    Trust all well?

    • Reply
      Sandy April 10, 2014

      Roger, i was having too much fun to get the sketch book out! Next time. Sandy

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