14/12/12 St James Centre, Edinburgh

car park, st james centreThe car parks are the most enduring bits of the St James Centre in Edinburgh: the shops get tarted up from time to time with little benefit and the big office that sits over it all, New St Andrews House, is shut and awaiting demolition (see below). The car parks carry on just as designed in the late 1960’s. Many people hate the concrete finishes, but its the inward looking approach that’s the problem.

Another street I found myself sitting on this week: Caledonian Road in London. A proper street with shops, pubs and cafes and a contrast to the inward looking 60’s vision in Edinburgh but equally different from the inward looking 21st century regeneration vision that surrounds it at Kings Cross.

Above: At the new Kings Cross the action is all inside: the coffee stall is introduce to add some focus. Recent travel below (why I think about Kings Cross quite a bit).

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