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Greece – July 2018

parthenon - july 2018The Parthenon. We walked out onto the apartment balcony and there it was. The view of Europe’s most famous ruin wasn’t mentioned on Air B’n’B which made for a nice surprise.

athens balcony - july 2018Athens is a brilliant city. The government let villa owners develop their plots with six storey apartments and the resulting streets, built to a consistent height on lots of small land parcels, looks great I think.

parthenon queue - july 2018To get up to the Acropolis, you queue for a ticket in the raging heat and chat to your fellow queue-ers, including sketcher Geoff. I’ve been randomly sketching for seven years and this is the first time I’d come across someone sketching me.

hadrians library - july 2018The Agora was the most interesting place I thought: wander through the ruins on paths once walked by Plato or Socrates.

Milies, July 2018Before Athens we stayed in Milies, on Pelion, for a wedding.

Galinie's Wedding 31 June 2018The wedding was as different as these things always are when you travel abroad for ritual you think you’ll recognise. A different culture with a different emphasis on a familiar ceremony. A lovely, friendly, welcoming experience. We love Europe, we thought.

Milies July 2018

The wedding wasn’t the only cultural shift we had to get used to: we’re too noisy at the pool…

villa Milies July 2018

…in the afternoon.

Still love Europe though.kalanera - juliy 2018