600 Years – 9 August 2015

Sitting In Advocate’s Close admiring Morgan McDonnell’s sensitive modern buildings on medieval steps. A design from a couple of years ago sitting comfortably on a route from 600 years ago.

Advacate's Close - 150806 Time passes. ruari - 150809

Ruari’s left school, Fraser’s about to start.

fraser 150809

Sometimes, more than others, you feel that time is moving on.


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    Cheryl August 11, 2015

    Ah, Devil’s Advocate… We went there last year for our anniversary and are thinking about it again for this year – food was tremendous 🙂

    • Reply
      Sandy August 11, 2015

      It made a great spot to review our drawings after sketch club. How are the tyres?

      • Reply
        Cheryl August 11, 2015

        Flat ?

        • Reply
          Sandy August 12, 2015

          That’s a pity. Have a drink? Make ’em walk…

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