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On the Saltire Awards Judging Tour – 29 May 2013

“Don’t enter awards competitions. Just don’t. It’s not good for you.” Point number 26 in Bruce Mau’s fairly reliable Manifesto ( People do though and let’s hope it’s not too bad an experience. The Saltire Society is quite rigorous in it’s judging process, and we travel round to see everything we shortlist. Here’s what I saw this year (it’s not all of them). The meeting to try to work out what wins is in a couple of weeks so┬áthis is just my (edited) view.

Argyle Street & Shaftesbury Avenue: Argyle Street29 May 2014

Moncreiff Avenue: Lenzie 29 May 2014Lenzie 2 29 May 2014 costa 29 May 2014Coffee stop

Charleston Square: Charleston Square 29 MAy 2014

Ledcameroch Crescent: bearsden 29 may 2014

North Gardner Street: North Gardner Street

1196 Tollcross Road: Loretto ARBD 29 May 2014

Commonwealth Games Village: athletes village 1 29 May 2014 athletes village 2 29 may 2014

Q10, Quartermile edinburgh 30 may 2014

St Martin’s Church: Magdalene Drive 30 May 2014

A panel from diverse backgrounds discussing the qualities of this diverse bunch:indigo yard 29 may 2014 The whole shortlist is here: The winners are announced in July.