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MIPIM 2017

25 miles out from Cannes, the first chance in the last five days to get my sketchbook out. SMB-Cannes

We’d started in London 875 miles away.  Here’s the pub the night before the off. the crown - 8th march 2017

It’s for charity, and there are speeches on the last night to remind us of this. mipim speeches - 13 March 2017

Here’s a link to the charity page, if you are able to donate:

cyclists 14 March 2017

On the flight home, I have to face up to getting back to real life. BA Stewards - 15 March 2017


Some yellow roses. yellow roses 19 March 2017



Belleville Rendez-Vous a Ronde – 28 Juillet 2015

Watching Sylvain Chomet’s Belleville Rendez-Vous in Bicycle Outfitters  Ronde in Stockbridge. An appropriately stylish location for this beautiful animation, I think.Ronde - 150731 It’s a cycling theme as this is our last fundraising event before our team of twelve ride 100 miles (each) this weekend. Through incredibly kind donations, we’ve raised over £15,000 for homelessness charity Shelter. Many thanks to everyone who has helped through donations, gifting raffle prizes, baking cakes or offering free use of venues.

It’s been great fun. Now to ride the 100 miles…

Cycling & Swimming – 10 May 2015

Catching up with Tom and Ray at the Etape Caledonia. Tom talked me through what to do if you have a bike crash in downtown San Francisco, as he’d just done. I may have over emphasised his beat up look, but not by much. The next day we thrashed round the 81 miles in the wind and the rain. Perth - 090515Tough if you like cycling in the sun, perfectly fine if it’s the grit in cycling that you like.

AinslieParkLeisure-90515Before that, a coffee and a sketch to mark the first time all the kids have gone swimming without me.

DelayedTrain-110515Kings Cross, waiting for the late last train to Edinburgh.

Old Pals – 25 April 2015

Twenty eight years ago I became friends with Adam, Campbell, Ali and Kev.


I still look forward to any chance to meet up and we enjoyed a lively weekend in Newcastle. It’s fun, as well as a reminder that we are all getting on a bit. You need to exercise so I’m getting out on the bike.

BluebirdCafe 240415


Ali looking worried. His politics is SNP so in Scotland in 2015 I don’t think he has much to worry about.


A cyclist turns up at the consultation – 12 February 2015

For the first time this year, the sun has made it over the horizon in time for my morning commute. The number of cyclists seems appreciably up from the dark winter months.

Consultation 13 February 2015In the evening I popped passed Grosvenor’s smart consultation event and had a chat with a fellow user about annual Brompton mileage: 1,300 for me, 2,000 for our local green councillor. Better try harder.

Bikes, Pavillions, Australians – 7 September 2014

Cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh with nephews Douglas, Andreas and Ruari.

fresh n lo 1 - 7 September 2014

The route to Glasgow Green goes through the east end, ‘festooned’ you might say, with ‘Yes’ signs. The ‘No’ campaign reaping the rewards of running with threats, rather than any attempt at ‘Better Together’.

fresh n lo 2 - 7 September 2014

There are enough cake stops on this route that you could actually put on weight over the distance: this one at Linlithgow Palace.

In London admiring pavilions in public spaces, the modern bandstand? This one by Stanton Williams at Kings Cross.

kings cross pavillion 8 September 2014


Dace and Leesha, Aussies touring Europe with interesting views on independence, the strength of beer and running a business.dace and leesha 8 September 2014

Sorry about the portraits!