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Scottish Aviation & Some People – 25 July 2015

A plane, manufactured in Scotland.

Scottish AviationThis one’s in East Fortune. We were there to watch a Spitfire and a Eurofighter Typhoon, amongst others. The last Spitfire was produced in 1948 and 46 years later technology had advanced so incredibly we were able to build the first Eurofighter. It’s the most extraordinary man made thing I have ever seen.

A couple of good speakers:

Peter Oborn - 150721Peter Oborn talking about the role of the RIBA promoting architecture around the world, and how things will change as construction shifts from the developed to the developing world.

GE BRIK - 150717CPD’s on technical systems are often to be endured, but Julian Venus was an engaging presenter with an interesting product.

I looked after the kids for the day, to give their mum some time to commit shopping. Innes ended up in a pond in a public park, momentarily submerged.

Innes- 150724He’s fine, but my child care credentials are shot.

north london line - 150721

A man on the North London line.

Places to stay in Aberdeen – 21 February 2015

When the ‘quine’ wobbled through reception at 5.00pm, belly hanging out over her pyjama bottoms, leather bomber jacket, no shoes, trailing a toilet roll, I sensed this was going to be a little different from my normal night in a Travelodge.

Travelodge - 21 February 2015The next morning, checking out, I mentioned to reception that I couldn’t hear the rowdy night in the street outside for the party going on in the corridor. “Aberdeen at the weekend sir, I can only apologise.”

We spent the day recovering in a beautiful, if unfinished, family house on a farm.

bull pen - 22 February 2015“Which way’s the countryside?” said Innes (he’s a city boy, like me) so we went for a walk to show him.

BA- 23 February 2015The next day was back to normal life between London and Edinburgh.


Royal Festival Hall – 27 January 2015

Our HTA Sketch Club joined forces with the London Society for a trip to the Royal Festival Hall. I was inspired by some 1951 illustrations of the design, and by the characters who came along to draw and chat about it afterwards. Royal Festival Hall - 28 January 2015

It was a great pleasure to meet octogenarian former architecture tutor Maggie, who set me straight on a few things.

Earlier, I felt among friends with oldest pals Scott, Pete and Dougal…

Pete Scott and Dougal - 22 January 2015…and alone hogging a big empty table in an otherwise packed west London restaurant.

The Courtfield - 21 January 2015Back home with Isla and Fraser.Isla - Fraser - Harviestoun - 19 January 2015

In Jersey, looking for pirates – April 2014

A relaxing week in Jersey. We explored a bit, ate well, and learned about the history from before the tax haven days and before the World War Two occupation. Pirates and smugglers everywhere.jersey 190414That’s what it felt like, but it looks more like this:

le foyer 20042014We stayed here with Sarah, Dunc, Louis and Felix.

louis 150414Felix & Louis were great playmates for our band of brigands and pointed out the homes of ex F1 drivers to me.

warwick 19042014We spent our time practising getaways in a variety of vehicles. The drips on the cozy coupe are from Isla brewing potions from camellia leaves in the sunny front garden.

vdehicles 180414We looked for modern day pirates and smugglers, and maybe we saw some.

jersey airport 22 April 2014In the end, no one wanted to come home.

Not Working – January 2014

Most sketching opportunities are work related: there’s not much time otherwise. Here are a few that aren’t:

Scott & Dougal 21 January 2014A couple of pints with Scott and Dougal. I’ve been enjoying Scott’s insightful view of the world for the last 36 years and it still takes me by surprise.

Julie & Isla  2 January 2014Isla and Julie at Gran & Grumpy’s

Milk 4 January 2014Home

Reunion 12 October 2013

5 architects 12 October 2013A long, relaxed walk around London with Ali Stephen, Campbell Reid, Duncan McKinnon and Kevin Allsop. 25 years since we all went to college together. It was just like I remember it: a day spent looking at architecture, getting a few drinks, arguing about politics and ending up looking out of place and unpopular in a disco.

In Brewdog 12 October 2013

Whilst I’m not sure the sketchbook helped my disco credentials, the benefit of the twenty five years is that I no longer have to care.Brick lane 12 October 2013 Looking forward to doing it again in another 25 years.

Golden Wedding 5 October 2013

Celebrating my parents’ Golden Wedding at Kinellan House: good food, speeches, slides and a song.

Mary & Peter's Golden WeddingLater on we saw a bit of Fiddler on the Roof.

daddy - fiddler - festival theatreA good day.

Dunc & Sonia and Castleward on the BBC 30 May 2013

A meal out with Julie, Sarah, Sonia and Dunc (he’s the one on the right) at Porto and Fi on the mound. The little courtyard on the west side is about the nicest place in Edinburgh for a drink on summer evening. Food was good for four out of the five of us.
McKinnons at Porto and Fi 30 May 2013I’d started the day in Derby for the start on site ceremony for our Castleward project. This was filmed by the local BBC, who turned up a bit late, so we did the event twice. Surprisingly (in my view) the 3 speeches were better the second time.

Castleward Start on Site 30 May 2013

The local news report:


01/09/12 Pete, of Pete, Scott and Dougal