sketch diary, sandyJust before my youngest son Innes was born I started keeping a sketch book. I’ve always loved drawing but with a fairly busy life there isn’t much time for it. The sketch book is a way to fit drawing into daily life.

The sketches go up on Instagram @sandysdrawingroom . Every so often I update them here.

Alongside drawing and trying to be ‘dad’, I’m an architect.




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    Roger April 14, 2020

    Just spent an hour browsing thru’ your work – just lovely!
    Many thanks!

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    Dave August 16, 2018

    Viewed your work. I think its great Keep it up. I am a retired person and learning to sketch I was curious if you do all of your work onsite so to speak or take photos and work off those at a later date?

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      Sandy August 22, 2018

      Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. They are all drawn on site and never from photos but I do often add the colour later. I’m trying to do the colour at the time too but sometimes lack of time (or just not wanting to draw that much attention to myself!) means I leave it until later. Good luck with your sketches. Sandy

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    Erica January 11, 2018

    Your drawings are lovely and I appreciate how you capture fleeting gestures. The addition of watercolor add even more interest to your studies. Do you always work with a pen and later watercolor? Thank you for sharing.

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      Sandy January 14, 2018

      Erica, thanks for popping by, send me a link to your own work. My challenge for 2018 is to do the watercolour at the same time I think…

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