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Waiting – 30 September 2014

It’s nice to go to Barcelona, but the lessons for what we do are all around us. I spent a day closer to home looking at some good and bad places in Edinburgh. A sample illustrated here.

22 Lister Square - 30 September 2014

Foster at Quartermile. Head and shoulders above the other places we are making.

22 PFP in Granton 30 September 2014

Some recessed entrances for the enquiring PfP by Cooper Cromar.


22 PFP in Granton 2 - 30 September 2014Nice ground floor, generally, less successful deck detailing.


22 Festival Square - 30 September 2014Another, neater, deck at Westfield, left.  Edinburgh’s least successful public space: Festival Square. We went and had a look to try to deduce what was actually so wrong.

I’m sitting somewhere near the Scottish border, Edinburgh side. Someone in front has been hit by a train. We’re waiting for the police. After seven years of working across the border I notice this happens when we move into Autumn and it’s darker longer, and then, most notably, as we approach Christmas. For a while, it makes a difference to how I feel about everything. But after less of a while than I’d like it seems like an opportunity to get something done, like this.