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In Jersey, looking for pirates – April 2014

A relaxing week in Jersey. We explored a bit, ate well, and learned about the history from before the tax haven days and before the World War Two occupation. Pirates and smugglers everywhere.jersey 190414That’s what it felt like, but it looks more like this:

le foyer 20042014We stayed here with Sarah, Dunc, Louis and Felix.

louis 150414Felix & Louis were great playmates for our band of brigands and pointed out the homes of ex F1 drivers to me.

warwick 19042014We spent our time practising getaways in a variety of vehicles. The drips on the cozy coupe are from Isla brewing potions from camellia leaves in the sunny front garden.

vdehicles 180414We looked for modern day pirates and smugglers, and maybe we saw some.

jersey airport 22 April 2014In the end, no one wanted to come home.