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Bonsoir Monsieur Nightfall – 13 August 2015

I like intimate festival venues, late at night.

150813 - HeleneThis little band came together to support singer Helene’s songs about her time on the streets of London and Paris. Emotional in the broadest sense, beautifully delivered.

Review by others here. Tickets here.

Lysistrata 22 August 2014

Lysistrata is good festival stuff: an audience of thirty, a cast of four, a tiny venue and art with ambition. Maybe this was the Fringe before the stand-ups came to dominate.

lysistrata 22 August 2014Most of the energy comes from Louisa Hollway, who covers the small stage in a few short strides.

non sleepers 20 August 2014The characters are less energetic on the sleeper to Edinburgh. There’s wi-fi in the bar, so you can catch up on the day, but I think mostly people are just trying to avoid going to bed. Ballards Lane Finchley - 20 August 2014Earlier I sat outside the kind of independent café I love and admired the flamboyant gables on some Victorian housing in Finchley. I like the fun in this that’s missing from most contemporary brick built London housing.