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London to Cannes in 6 Days – March 2018

I rode to Cannes in aid of children’s charity Coram. Our team of 4 raised £20,000 through very generous donations from friends and colleagues. Many thanks to everyone who donated. It’s a good cause: you can still donate here.

MIPIM the bike 180307I rode the whole 900 miles, as I expected to do. I also expected to sketch the whole journey but I didn’t really get close. This is my bike in the hotel the night before.

MIPIM ride briefing - 180308This is the rider briefing on the morning we left. After that I hardly managed anything. Everything moves too fast and actually requires a fair bit of concentration; there’s no time left to think about sketching.

MIPIM - the busSome people eating snacks on the bus inside the train that transfers you through the tunnel. Cycle to MIPIM is a bit like I imagine the army might be: you have a job to do and people shout at you when you don’t do it, and even when you do (though there was less of that this year).

MIPIM RidersI drew some riders.

Christian Spencer Davies

And some ride captains.

alex elyI even managed one lunch stop (but there were six).

Cannes RIBA beach

After six days and nine hundred miles I arrived in Cannes for a good round of interesting lunches and meetings, and some parties. I enjoyed the chat and learned a fair bit, but at the back of my mind was the feeling that I need to go back, concentrate harder, cycle less, and draw the whole route.

Maybe next year.

Coram Portraits – 16 February 2016

As noted a couple of blogs ago, I’m cycling from London to Cannes as part of a 100 strong fundraising peloton. I’m raising some of the money by painting the clients, collaborators and influencers who shape my working life.

The funds are for children’s charity Coram.

Harry Downes and Peter Murray were kind enough to accept my offer to tackle their portrait, for charity.

160216 - Peter MurrayPeter is the chair of New London Architecture.

IMG_8466Harry is Managing Director of Fizzy Living.

Excellent organisations both. Many thanks to them for their generous donations to Coram.

My fundraising page is here and I would be delighted if you were able to donate. Either way, I hope that you enjoy the portraits and please accept my apologies that, what with all the painting and training for a 900 mile cycling event, there isn’t much sketching going on!