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Indoor Month – January 2018

I do go outside, you just wouldn’t know it from the drawings. New Year’s Day with the family.

new years day 2018Drawing in the sketching friendly Design Museum. Looking at beautiful Ferraris. Enzo Ferrari was neither a great driver or a great designer but he created the world’s most desirable brand. ferrari 3

Beautiful old cars…

180124 -ferrari 2

…and the process by which they make them. And some racing cars, Ferrari’s only form of advertising.

180120-FraserFraser missing football, because it’s January and the pitch is frozen.

ainslie park cafe 2017

Isla waiting for gymnastics to start, and me waiting for Isla.

180118 - Hendon Town Hall

Listening to a planning committee.

passo - jan 2017I like the trend towards open kitchens and seats where you can watch someone make your dinner. They provide some entertainment for travelers eating alone. These friendly folk were in Paso.

by tube and planeTravelling, by tube and plane.

management meetingSome work.

2018 british librarySketching is quite popular these days and the nice guys from Meinhardt invited me along to their thriving sketch club at the British Library. It was great,, but I’m looking forward to drawing outdoors again.

British Library with HTA Sketch Club 25 March 2014

The spectacular interior of the British Library. British Library 25 March 2014It’s being observed by our own Steve Newman on the left and the building’s designer, Colin St John Wilson, in the niche on the right. The dark in the distance is a wall of books. The foyer is a surprisingly comfortable and welcoming place to sit: lots of comfortable chairs and benches in lots of different nooks and crannies.

I went with HTA’s sketch club, who’s drawings will be here (soon):

Immediately after the sketch I got ill and went off to be sick on my own in a hotel 450 miles from home. I was ill when I coloured this up and I think that’s why I avoided the buildings attractive and welcoming warm brick colours and made it so cold and grey. Apologies to the designer, who took more than enough flak for this place when he was alive.