Sketchbooks 63 & 64

Summer 2020

Some signs that lockdown’s ending: ‘carport cinema’ with Amy & Ali.
People coming to visit (in the garden): my mum.
A garden visit from Nicolas the physio.
A trip to Lucinda, Stuart & Tommy’s in Dunbar, the furthest we’ve been in months.
With them on Belhaven Beach.
Out in cafes drawing the world again, this time in Broughton Street.
And to cap it all, a holiday. We stayed for a week in Culloden and made some trips. This is Dunrobin Castle.
Fraser & Innes gaming in beautiful Dornoch.
At Chanonry Point, opposite Fort George, dolphin watching.
Cawdor Castle
Julie reading on the beach at Nairn.
We stayed in the Station Master’s house in Culloden. It had been used by Murdoch Paterson, engineer, to oversee the construction of his masterpiece: the adjacent Culloden Viaduct.
A friendly rail engineer took me out onto it as he closed the line for engineering works. A spectacular sight from above and below.
Another view of the cottage.
Some signs that not all is back to normal: I turned up at the wrong hospital for a long awaited appointment. They just took me anyway as there was absolutely nobody else about.
Our Tuesday talks are still online.
That’s quite hand for sketching them though.
This is the view from Derek’s good value tea cabin in Granton. It was demolished not long after I did this sketch so this one is a historical reminder.
A ‘Morrison’ bike I bought. I’ve been keen on bikes forever but never knew they sold Raleigh’s in New Zealand as ‘Morrison’s’. Delighted to get my hands on one.
One last go at fixing my original Brompton.
Family stuff. Eileen, Michael and Janice at Anna’s third birthday party.
My mum at Dunfallandy.
Alastair at Dunfallandy
Some of the veg we grew in the garden.
When I planted these I thought we might run out of food. They’re a bit earthy for my tastes so I’m very glad things didn’t work out that way.
Socialising at the Patersons. We stick to the garden, they get to go inside. Life’s better, but it’s by no means normal.

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