Meetings – 10 November 2015

If you want a meeting room with a view try the 6th floor of the Lighthouse, on Mitchell Lane in Glasgow.

Igloo - 10 November 2015

Earlier in the day I listened to the continuing story of transformation in Dundee. dundee presentation - 10 november 2015


Lunch with the family: there’s an agenda for that too.Mum and Jane - 8 November 2015My mum keeping us all on the right track.


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    Catriona November 11, 2015

    You’ve got the wrong Jimmy. Jim Harvey (Nan’s cousin) was at the golden wedding. He’s still living in Burntisland, though not so well. Jimmy Osler, who died last week, is Mummy’s oldest cousin on her father’s side. He was the one who served on the arctic convoys.

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