Spring – 21 March 2015

At last, the spring equinox. I like the dark, but on balance, we’re now in the better half of the year.

daffodils - 19 March 2015

Sunnier, brighter and a bit more colourful: we’re all quite excited. F & I have a birthday…

F&I party - 21 March 2015

F&I are 5 - 17 March 2015… and I have a talk to do:

london societyJust in case you’d like to talk about drawing in Camden on a Tuesday evening.

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    Peter Lusby Taylor March 23, 2015

    Yes, Wales did do well in the six nations, but no need to take it out on their national flower!! Poor daffodils – in such acidic water that their stems dissolve…. Brilliant sketch BTW

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