Load, aim, fire – 13 June 2014

Lots on, loads to do, too many choices. We’ve been spending time with clients working out the right thing to do. A little less action, a bit more consideration.Virgin 13 June 2014Load, aim, fire, as Bernard used to say.

KMBT_C284-20140619134124Looking around, people don’t seem to spend much time considering, they spend their time reacting, mostly to what’s on their phone.

KMBT_C284-20140619134300This an office building for sale for residential conversion. There are loads of these around: we are¬†working on four¬†just now. The best ones make better flats than what we end up with when flats are designed from scratch: spacious, lots of light, generous ceiling heights. They’re the ones you want, avoid the others.

KMBT_C284-20140619133839By some odd coincidence, I’ve got in three taxis over the last week, and it’s been the same driver every time…


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