Low cost housing at the House of Lords 13 March 2014

From the terrace of the House of Lords, our man Mike De’Ath launched the Housing Forum’s report into how to better provide low cost housing.House of Lords 13 March 2014As he talked about it I was thinking ‘what’s more important than this?’.  A society that has some making huge capital gains on rising house prices whilst others can’t afford to either rent or buy is a divided society heading for disruption.


Berkeley Group in the pubThe night before I stayed locally and bumped into some folk from the Berkeley Group in a bar on the Thames, beneath some unashamedly unaffordable housing. I knew Berkeley were ahead on customer service, but nice of them to go to the length of filling the pub in their development with their own friendly staff. The characters of the people matched their brand differentiation too.Brighton Train 5 MarchThe train home from Brighton after the CIH conference after talking about institutional private rent, a part of the answer.Kings Cross 5 March 2014This my view of London as I arrive. It’s the capital of the world now, or so I’m told. About 80% of the new jobs created in the UK in the last few years were in the south east, but I’m sure a good proportion of the other 20% is people servicing the London economy from the rest of the UK, like we do. If a twin track housing market with the majority priced out is divisive, a twin track economy is equally so.


House of Lords 13 March 2014House of Lords 13 March 2014

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