Hanging on for Christmas 2013

Everything changes in the week before Christmas: travel is less predictable, work is what happens between nights out, there’s loads to finish and there are things to reflect on.¬†Santa at Edi AirportSanta was in the departure lounge when my plane was on time… …nobody quite so interesting when it was delayed, in Bristol.

Bristol Airport

We won a couple of cracking jobs in the last week, setting us up nicely for next year, and adding an extra level of excitement to the Christmas party. HTA Party 2013We need to learn from those we know who are doing things well around us, like Argent at Kings Cross. They work hard to keep the place busy and bustling whilst construction is going on all around. Kings cross in winterA few of the buildings are really attractive too. This has different proportions to most office structures you see, and attractive cast columns.

JYS Tyrell 003It’s all really busy, but if you want to spin your talents into a successful business career you could do worse than look to Jackie Stewart for inspiration. This is his¬†Tyrell 003, in which he won the Formula One World Championship 40 years ago this year.Whats next wiith Alison and sandyThen Alison, a few days past her due date, came round and we talked about far more important events all together.

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