HTA Sketch Club November 2013

Poetry Library 22 November 2013This is from the steps of Malcolm Fraser’s Poetry Library, from the lottery era. The steps are for listening to outdoor poetry readings I think, but there’s not much call for that in November. It makes for an interesting raised view point.

St Pancras 27 November 2013This is pretty much my favourite place in London: the platform level of St Pancras. The platform is raised up to let the railway pass over the adjacent canal and the columns on the ground floor were set out to suit beer barrel dimensions. It was built as a proud little but of the Midlands in central London. We went with HTA’s sketch club and Peter Ctori talked us through some of the history, from an engineer’s perspective. My colleagues sketches are on


Lastly some houses in Combe Down, near Bath.


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    Clare November 30, 2013

    Your sketches really inspire me to pick up my pens and watercolours! Thank you for sharing them 🙂

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      Sandy December 1, 2013

      Clare, thanks. I enjoyed stopping by your own thoughtful and creative blog. I’d love to tackle the realism you’re writing about, with a bit more time!

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