Bridgeton 8 July 2013

Bridgeton. There’s loads of space to develop. The new stuff is as good as the legacy buildings from the area’s industrial heyday.  The Library/ Grade A Office/ Boxing Gym is a super building with an approach to mixed use you’d expect to have been vetoed at some point.

Bridgeton 8 July 2013


I came by bike after well balanced Saltire Awards judging in Edinburgh and toured around by car. The car reckoned it was 30 degrees.

Cool business space from a snooker hall:

Amazing mixed use:






  1. Reply
    thalia July 11, 2013

    I really enjoy seeing your drawings with the penned in descriptions and comments.

  2. Reply
    Fionna July 11, 2013

    Sandy, that’s great – thank you, we love it !

    • Reply
      Sandy July 11, 2013

      Fionna, very much enjoyed the visit: good work!

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