A few days in Port de Soller 19-22 July 2013

We went to Port de Soller for a few days.

jet 2 to Mallorca 19 July 2013 Julie in Mallorca 19 July 2013    Palma and the terrace at night  Porto Soller Pool 20 July 2013 The pool at Porto Soller hotel

Torre de Ancora 20 July 2013Notes on the house opposite the terrace.

Port de Soller 20 July 2013Down in the port before dinner.

Lunch in Soller 21 July 2013Lunch in Soller

People by the Pool 21 July 2013People by the pool.

Port de Soller 21 July 2013The view across the bay.

Palma Airport 22 July 2013Going home.


  1. Reply
    Frances Bath July 24, 2013

    Love these drawings and observations. Hope all is well with you.
    Frances (Laura’s wee sister!)

    • Reply
      Sandy August 5, 2013

      Thanks Frances
      (Flora’s big brother!)

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