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HTA in Berlin – 20 September 2015

gla-sxf1 - 18 September 2015From Glasgow to Europe’s biggest stationery shop (?) in Berlin stopping only to pick up beer, bratwurst and bikes. A brilliant start to two and a half days in this energetic, creative city.

tour - berlin wall - 19 September 2015

Next step, a housing tour.

david and frank - 19 September 2015

Normally I focus quite hard on these, but they’ve traced the line of the old wall in corten steel and placed plaques that describe the fate of former Berliners. It’s hard to look up when these stories are beneath your feet. The houses and flats are interesting, but it’s the waves of tumultuous recent history that grabs my attention.

Hta in the Einstein - 19 September 2015The history gets in everywhere over here. We ate together in Café Einstein, an 1880’s renaissance style villa that survived over 300 bombing raids in the second war. I was disappointed to find that it had no real link to Einstein, rather it’s claim to fame centres around links to Nazi Joseph Goebbels. He died near here in 1945.

Galini on Prouve 20 September 2015

This is Jean Prouve’s Cite chair in the hotel lobby. Jean Prouve: designer, engineer, craftsman, teacher and French Resistance fighter.

krone - 20 September 2015

In café Krone, near the flea market. There’s lot’s of history and much of it is traumatic, but for the time being this seems to have resulted in a very pleasant place to be.