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Some Performers – 5 November 2014

First, on the left a kind of calibration setting: Alistair Darling, on his way to London, after announcing he’ll stand down at the next election. His likeness gives you an idea of how much/ little the other folk I draw look like themselves. He was nice enough to not object to my drawing him.

foxley - darling -4 November 2014In the middle is our Richard Foxley reminding HTA London about the importance of post occupancy evaluation. How are you going to know what to design next if you don’t know what people really thought, and felt, about what you designed last time?

BPF-Dinner 5 November 2014At the BPF dinner in London listening to Sir Howard Davies and an exuberant gospel choir.

KM_C454e-20141104202723Halloween Fraser.