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Edinburgh Castle- 26 May 2014

Edinburgh Castle: a painful place to visit the day after you’ve run the Edinburgh half marathon. The half marathon route is down hill, and you feel that in your calf muscles on the countless castle steps.

Edinburgh Castle

Below is the Edinburgh 10 mile four weeks before. It had a much better route through the middle of town, starting and ending in the same place. The finish is overlooking Holyrood House, where the royals went when they realised the houses being built in the new town had better rooms than their old home in the castle.

Running 27 AprilLot’s of exercise in the last few weeks and I’ve learnt that a strict rule of running is that the ladies wear lycra and the  boys don’t. Perhaps cycling could learn from that.fraser 10 May 2014Fraser feeling better.

Valentines Day Drawing

A Valentine’s Day scene: flowers, love hearts and tortuous poetry.

Valentines day drawingThe close opposite, with the poppies, is where Adam Smith used to lived. Later, Lady Haig’s poppy factory was here.  At the parliament across the road each MP gets an office with a space for one person to think alone.

Scottish Parliament 14 February 2014Earlier I went for a meal for twoColumn No 3 10February 2013I like to draw columns while I’m waiting. This one’s in Perth station.

140114 Perth Station columnThe meal resulted in sore foot (the colours are a little exaggerated).

Funny colour of foot 15 February 2014




Scottish Parliament Lobby 4th February 2014

These people are here for the cross party cancer group. I’m not, I just sat down to sketch this interesting lobby when they began turning up, so I am happy to draw them instead.Scottish Parliament 4 February 2014 The space could feel like a theatre lobby or an airport departure lounge, but it doesn’t, it has a different atmosphere. The architecture contributes to that, but it’s largely the fact that people are here for serious business. Up in the chamber (where sketching is not allowed) they are voting Yes to gay marriage.

Same folk, different jobs 10 January 2014

Loudons 10 January 2013Edinburgh’s cafes survived the recession I think. They’ve got the same people in them talking about the same stuff, they’ve just survived in different ways and ended up in different jobs.

PLT 9 January 2014Coming back to work after two weeks off, my colleagues look like Dracula.

Edinburgh Skyline 1 January 2014

Miroslav Sasek, author of brilliantly illustrated children’s books about some of the world’s best cities, said: “Few cities in the world have real skylines. Edinburgh has a very lovely one”. edinburgh skyline 010114It’s a great view. Most of the interest comes from church building 200 years ago, so not sure what lessons it has for today. Alan Bennet said the trouble with Leeds was that it was always in too much of a rush to get to the future. We may have the opposite problem. Something to think about on the first day of our referendum year.

Fraser & Isla 15 December 2013

Short days in mid December mean more time in. I’ve never watched a whole film with Isla before, so we watched Beauty & the Beast from the comfort of the couch. Fraser & Isla 15 December 2013She used a cushion for help with the scary bits, I just concentrated on the Christmas tree and accepted that I can’t make ‘Beauty’ a beauty, which might be some consolation for the (actually quite handsome) Fraser.

Scottish Heroes 14 November 2013

I started the week looking at Robert Ferguson, Scots poet, who died in Bedlam at the age of 24. He stands in the High Street near the office, looking like he’s in a bit of a rush.Robert Ferguson 8 November 2013I ended it listening to Iain Milne, Scots rugby hero and ’84 Grand Slam winner, at the SPF dinner with Arim. Most of the meal spent comparing notes on recent trip to the US. Not so poetic, but entertaining none the less.SPF Dinner 14 November 2013


Radio Forth Awards – View from Table 42 – 7 November

The Radio Forth awards make for a raucous Edinburgh afternoon. Our client Consensus Capital invited me along and I enjoyed the chat, good food, and an update on what ‘the kids’ listen to now… …and JLS’s last ever performance on Scottish soil!

Radio Forth Awards 7 November 2013Then Boy George turned up. Sounded just as good as Christmas ’82.


Golden Wedding 5 October 2013

Celebrating my parents’ Golden Wedding at Kinellan House: good food, speeches, slides and a song.

Mary & Peter's Golden WeddingLater on we saw a bit of Fiddler on the Roof.

daddy - fiddler - festival theatreA good day.

HTA Edinburgh’s New Office 26 September 2013

21 Slater’s Steps, our new office. 21 Slaters Steps 26 September 2013We’ve swapped an old building on the New Town for a new one in the Old Town. Seems good so far: bright, spacious, peaceful; and the few sceptical staff seem to be enjoying it too. Lot’s still to sort out though, so we’ll see how it goes.