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Some people: 13 July – 6 July

13 July. Innes sleeping and showing the characteristics of a small boy this particular Scottish summer: rosy cheeks despite the factor fifty; shorts and scraped knees; sandals.

Innes in the car - c'moan Andy 13 July 2013

9 July. Rawden Pettitt gave a presentation on the refined work of Stanton Williams.

Tuesday Talks - Rawden Pettitt 9 July 20136 July. Innes with a big bruise from climbing out of his cot and landing on his head. By the end of the next day he could say ‘Andy Murray’ and he didn’t have a cot any more.

Innes 6 July 2013


Saltire Tour 20 – 21 June 2013

I had to miss the start of this to go to Manchester on the look out for a brilliant wee project.SKMBT_C28413062715231

Got up to Banchory in plenty time for dinner with the team and lively debate over a few drinks after (they asked us to put the lights out when we were done).


It was mostly constructive, and set us up for the next day’s tour. Any notes are just my thoughts: the jury doesn’t meet until late July to decide who might win what.










For me, every project was worth looking at and I’d have been proud of any of them.

Richard Murphy’s House Going Up 17 June 2013


Richard Murphy is building his own house just a long the street from the office. Sketching it is like unravellng a little puzzle so I can’t imagine building it is all that straightforward.

Almere – 10 June 2013

Almere 10 June 2013-flat-smallA day out at a self build project in the Dutch city of Almere. Every town should have a place where those who want to go and build their own house can do so. From speaking to the people we met, it can be a hugely positive experience. Out of 600 individually built houses, they’ve had three significant problems.

Sketching at Kings Cross with HTA 29 May 2013

Sketching with the London office before a couple of beers and then a trip up to Derby. St Martin's 29 May 2013The big public space outside St Martin’s art school is quite harsh, though softened by the sound of the intermittent waterfalls. When the area is redeveloped, and it’s all quite high density and tightly packed, this space will seem supremely luxurious.

My fellow sketchers drawings are  here:


Broughton Street 13 May ’13

Buildings might be quite hard to design but at least there are plenty of the around to have a look at. Looking at the ordinary done well on the corner of Broughton Street.Broughton Street 130513

HTA Tuesday Talks 14 May 2013

Ben talked about his role as Chair of the Housing Forum and, amongst other things, why house price valuations are misleading and the potential of self build…BD at HTA Tuesday Talk 140513

Stuffed shirts and their antidote 24/04/13

I was left a bit uninspired by the banality of the middle management working life and then Tim Crocker did HTA’s Tuesday talk and added a little inspiration.

stuffed shirts 230413 Tim Crocker Tuesday Talk 230413

Beautiful Facades on Currently Unloved Buildings, No1- 19/04/13

St Andrews Square 190413A simple building off St Andrew’s Square in Edinburgh. Nice proportions, materials and details, but tired and unloved looking. There are lots like this, and there’s a lot to be learned from looking at them.

The City, on the day of Maggie’s funeral 17/04/13

I had a pleasant walk through the traffic free city on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. This is the enormous Cheesegrater building by Rogers Stirk Harbour. The scale, in relation to the adjacent Lloyds, is incredible, the lobby alone is about five storeys high. I wonder what they’ll put in it? Rogers, cheesegrater, Below is Paul Finch giving an insightful talk to HTA the night before. The Thatcher legacy was the main topic, really. Paul Finch, HTA